Thursday, February 4, 2010

Built Like Denise Milani Problem Solving - Maths Questions, SHOW WORKING.?

Problem solving - maths questions, SHOW WORKING.? - built like denise milani

Remember SHOW OF WORK:

1. A group of 42 pounds of people in a hotel for the weekend. When they arrive, the fun that are 4 times more than singles and doubles. Like, how many couples and singles group?

2.If your garden layout, Denise built a series of steps with rail train. show the first steps to: (there are 15 steps).
Without setting out the steps and counting each bed could know how much I sleep for a series of 10 steps. Right?

Please show WORK.


Severe Dementia said...

1. Let us assume that the number of double x
then the number of single rooms are 4x
now. lets double x 2x Persons
4x 4x and individuals can
Therefore, 4x 2 x = 42
or 6x = 42
o, x = 7

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