Friday, February 12, 2010

Remove Haze From Natural Stone Floor How Do You Remove Grout Haze From Natural Stone Mosaics. Tried An Acid Cleaner From Tile Shop,it Was Useless?

How do you remove grout haze from natural stone mosaics. tried an acid cleaner from tile shop,it was useless? - remove haze from natural stone floor

Had the sealing mechanism? Or the seal after it was completed and not clean? If t hubieras then you can not, if the acid cleaner, it sells do not have any effect. And if they did, before they have the right to clean sealed. They have completely stained. GL


pebblesp... said...

I work at Lowes Home Improvement Center in Ohio ... Just encountered the same problem in our shop ... Therefore MURADIC our specialists in soils acidic cleaner on the floor and could be eliminated opacities. It may take several applications ... This is not so bad. Just make sure to use the product in a well ventilated area and follow the instructions ..

Good luck

tilinglo... said...

Why use an acidic cleaner on acid sensitive stone? Unless they are granite tiles! No wonder you are worse that are engraved on the stone a guess. Depending on how many meters is that you think you are an expert as the only solution is needed now the face of tables to refine how much acid: water applied acid.

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YVETTE said...

Try a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice cleans everything.

Jennifer said...

I have this thing called hard and soft, and works hard at what I buy online

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