Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bute For Horses With Sore Feet Can I Give My Horse Bute For His Sore Feet So I Can Ride Him Till The Shoer Comes?

Can I give my horse bute for his sore feet so i can ride him till the shoer comes? - bute for horses with sore feet

His feet were badly cut and I need to help move cows Bute today with his pain?


FarmGirl... said...

Yes you can. my horses usually do not hurt, even with the chips you really analyze why the foot is bad, not too much work a horse that could affect the pain, but a couple of Bute and a summary would be good. Also do not listen to that rude person who answered before: I'm not sure that it can meet some people and stupid;) good luck

Lucy said...

Horseback riding is cruel! Previous caused bleeding when they are older and introduce yourself to reach half of their weight in the back! But to insist, as U on the drive I suggest you not to be cruel and let the horse's feet to cure prior to installation.

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