Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coconut Oil And Mononucleosis What Healthful Oil Would Be Compatible With Coconut Oil, So I Can Mix And Lower The Melting Point Below 76deg?

What healthful oil would be compatible with coconut oil, so I can mix and lower the melting point below 76deg? - coconut oil and mononucleosis

I apply the oil of the coconut on the heels of the feet to kill fungi.
In addition, I use coconut oil extracted through the mouth in order to improve the health of the gums.


Tink said...

It will melt if you use it in your hand (body temperature, which melts too fast) - so that you have the right to the pitcher .... Apply to

Even though I know it will not do much for one of two conditions.

Guis said...

You do not need to mixing and melting at body temperature. If it's good coconut oil gross antibacterial properties that help with both conditions.

Good luck.

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