Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toilet Rough Plumbing Rough Plumbing Bath Addition.?

Rough plumbing bath addition.? - toilet rough plumbing

I am installing a new bathroom addition. I have found in a sink, toilet and shower. Do I need a surface to air for 3, or I can go with the 1 on the toilet, and a tie in the sink and shower with him? Thank you for your help



Cort-man said...

Needed for the bath and one that can be connected to a shared bathroom and toilet. Make sure that 1 1 / 2 bathroom / shower and 2 1 / 2 bath.

So, yes you are right, first. She remembers the number of shower and toilet, for a total of 2 games and the bathroom is 3 I have no idea why he asked an engineer.

linda232... said...

You will hear the first response, plumber, knows his business 14 years

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