Saturday, January 23, 2010

Garage Shelf How Do You Build Shelves For A Garage?

How do you build shelves for a garage? - garage shelf

I am looking for a guide to build garage shelves. Not looking for anything too complex, something that not be able to store boxes and so on. Something that is mounted on the wall, but should not be attached to the ceiling or floor. Any help is greatly appreciated.


tessa_re... said...

I used in a cabinet Habitat for Humanity ($ 25 per person) and a solid base, then use 1 "x 12" x 8 "pine and attached to the sides of the cabinets. Cut a piece of 1 for x12 s" fit , then cut and lay their shelves. He put much weight to use on them, attached to the cut strip of scrap or 1 x 1 on the sides for additional support.

The cabinet base and well-opened for a neater look.

DIY Doc said...

No offense, but it meant, Home Depot and Lowes sell a large library in 2 depths set. PVC is often gray or black, 5 pockets approximately 18 cm, 4 meters wide and 18 deep and 24-stack.

I bought a dozen, and are very satisfactory.

I Rebuilt at the beginning, and the cost, labor, time, and finally the evil of them in a garage, I am glad that I changed.

Of course, you can create your own, even with 2 x 4-and-hold MDF ripped to the width and depth that you like, with staples on the shelves, and back up a couple on the back to Poland.

Still fancy a go ahead and have never been a problem with PVC, but not anchored. I've also gutted the remote unit, the hose down, dismantle and move, you change to remove the height of the platform, and two units of 1, etc.

Steven Wolf
Just my two "sense"

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